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April 07, 2008



Nice experiment. It's very encouraging to know that they're listening, and I agree 100% that they need to promote the person who thought this up, as long as the person who fills the position sticks with it.

BTW, I have Comcast Business at work and have been very pleased with customer support. Far better than any Phone/Internet co. experience. We were having some issues a couple months back and the tech guy even gave us his cell # to call in case there were probs.

It would be great if there was competition in the market to keep them honest, but all this is certainly a good effort.


Its great that they are reading blogs for advice on how to improve their service. A little more of that customer service work needs to be put into their home service - I have their triple play and in the past month have received incorrect bills for $500 and $825 because of problems in their billing process - including a non-existent bad check.


Thank you for the positive feedback regarding these efforts. We have been doing this quietly for about 6 months. Feedback has been very positive. Only 2 people referred to this as creepy, but the rest were pleased. This is a small part of an overall effort to improve the service for our Customers.

Thanks again and yes, I did review your post a few times today.

Frank Eliason


I agree that this would be fine and dandy customer service, if they ALSO offered good customer service when you actually try and call them with difficulties - I've had issues in the past, and am having one currently, that I've received little to no help from Comcast (including difficulties with my initial installation that I was told initially would cost me to have reconciled, even though the problems were caused by faults in the installation process). Paying attention to issues on public forums is all well and good, but I would argue that taking care of them when they're first reported would be better.

Kent Zimmerman

Frank - first off, thanks for taking the time to post your comment.

Hopefully, you have been reading the reaction of what others are saying about this on the various blogs that reported on it. Based on what I have read, it seems that there is a large faction of Comcast customers that are looking at this as "damage control" as opposed to customer service.

While I applaud the creativity, I tend to agree with the sentiment that Comcast needs to address the larger issue around the primary channels of customer service.

j williams

I actually had a similar experience. I was setting up my cable which took nearly 2 hours. about 45m into i complained on twitter, and shortly was contacted by Frank. Needless to say, even though i stuck the painfull 'live chat' process, i was able to have my installation date changed from 1 week out to 3 days out. But i have to agree with most everyone else - While i LOVE the fact that frank helped me out, why didnt i get this level of customer service before hand? and why do i have to complain on twitter to have my problem escalated? But, thanks frank, for the effort. You made my cold heart just faintly warm for comcast.


Comcast..this is the worst internet connection I have ever experienced. I'm so tired of hearing and PAYING for a sservice I have to wait on forever to use. I;ve been told on several occassions a faster service is coming....WELL WENT??????

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